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Krav Maga X provides the most modern and up to date Krav Maga program. We offer Professional Training in the way of Seminars, Courses, Instructor Training & Intensive Personal Training Programs.


Krav Maga X provides Bespoke Courses and Seminars for individuals, Gyms, School owners and organisations.


We have a range of individual courses that look to counter and address the threat of violence. Our four signature courses are Extreme Close Combat (ECC), Edged Response (ER), Ground Ready (GR) and Armed Response (AR).    

Find out about our individual course on the respective course page. For serious enquiries please contact us.


All of our individual courses are available in a seminar format – We come to your location and can deliver the whole course or custom modules of a course. Seminars are usually 1 or 2 days in duration but can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the client. For serious enquiries please contact us.


IPT allows you to seriously train for 2, 3, 4, 5 or more days covering some of our most valued material. This would be the best option for someone wanting to get a great training experience in a short period of time. IPT is the most effective and focused method of instilling the combative skill taught.

The most preferable option is to train for a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) for 2 days (5 hours each day) with total training time 10 full hours.

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