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Krav Maga X provides the most modern and up to date Krav Maga program and instructor certification of its time. Our objective is to give you, the instructor a clear path from basic to Black Belt instructor – providing all the training and support along the way.

how does it work

At Krav Maga X we follow the original Krav Maga 6 Belt level approach to our ranking structure. We have Instructor Certification available at each level.



As a Level 1 Instructor, you are certified to teach all the Level one curriculum to your students at your school.


You then complete Level Two instructor training at a later date, which allows you to train in the next level and enables you to have the skills to teach it.


You then do the same throughout the subsequent levels ahead, which gives you a very clear path from Level One instructor through to Black Belt Instructor.

Each Level of Certification can be completed in 3 – 5 intensive days of training.



Krav Maga X provides two pathways to becoming a Certified Krav Maga X Instructor.


  • Intensive Personal Training Program (IPTP) – You come to us and work on a personal 1-1 basis over a series of set days, learning our curriculum and teaching methods.
  • Host us at your location – we come to you and deliver instructor training for you and your team.

Pre requisites 

  • A Black Belt in a Full Contact Striking based art (Kickboxing, Muay Thai)
  • At least 3 years experience in Striking / MMA / Grappling based martial art or combat sport
  • Already a Krav Maga Instructor (from a credible organisation) who is looking for a modern day approach


If your unsure, contact us as we look at everyone on an individual basis.

Krav maga x certification

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